Abuse can happen to anyone.

We all know how common domestic abuse is, especially in the case of a wife who supposedly gets on her husband’s “bad side” when he is drunk, or whatever the case may be.

But child abuse is on an entirely different level.

In fact, we would go so far as to say that child abuse is just about the vilest type of abuse there is.

And there are a few reasons for that.

First of all, a child is the epitome of innocence, meaning that there is no good reason for them to be physically or sexually abused.

Unlike other cases of abuse where one could at least attempt to make the argument that the abuse was warranted, there is simply no way to make that case with a child.

Someone who would have the audacity to abuse a purely innocent child really must have no moral standards, which is absolutely despicable.

If someone is mad at the world for his or her problems, there are literally hundreds of other ways to take out that frustration.

They could go at a punching bag to punch all of the stress away.

They could go out on a joyride to find joy in life while there is seemingly none otherwise.

But physically abusing a child to take out one’s own frustration with his or her own life is disgusting.

And rather than sexually abuse a child for their sick pleasure, a person could just as easily go hookup with a prostitute.

Or watch pornographic material.

But taking advantage of a child sexually for your own sexual gratification is something no one should ever do.

Another reason why child abuse is so terrible is because of the implicit relationship between a child and an adult.

In most cases, the child will naturally be submissive to an adult who has authority in some way, shape or form.

And even when it comes to strangers, many children are taught to respect strangers to a certain degree.

With this sort of relationship, it is all too easy for the adult to take advantage of the child, with little to no resistance from them.

Again, while all abuse is wrong, taking advantage of this power dynamic to go about abusing children is an entirely new level of evil.

That power dynamic not only allows the adult to engage in the abuse outright, but it also allows them to effectively keep the child from speaking out and revealing the abuse to a third party.

Because of this, so many children are stuck in abusive relationships that do not get discovered until many years after they have begun.

All just further evidence as to why child abuse is absolutely terrible, particularly when compared to other forms of abuse.

Admittedly all forms of abuse are equally heinous on the surface.

It would be an injustice to other survivors of abuse to say otherwise.

But when it comes to the abuse of children, there is no denying the added factors stated above make such abuse markedly more despicable than any other type of abuse on the face of the planet.

It would be hard to suggest otherwise.