After finally being removed from a person that causes a child physical abuse, there are many different stages that the child will need to go through before being fully recovered.

Physical abuse is painful, and in more ways than one.

Because of that, the process will inevitably take time.

But if the child can stick to that process, the results will be well worth it.

To start off, the child must make sure to completely cut off any and all contacts with that person.
This can especially be hard in the case where the child was being abused by his or her family member, which happens more often than not.

The child will have an inherent affection for their abuser, even though they may also know that they are the cause of their pain.

And even though many courts will help enforce these restrictions that keep the abuser away from the child, it is important to remember that being separated physically is not enough.

Physical abuse affects one’s mental state as well, and so even communication via phone, email or even social media for that matter can keep the child longing for their abuser – at least for the good times that they shared, while neglecting the extreme pain and harm caused otherwise.

Make sure that the child has absolutely no contact with their abuser whatsoever.

The next step is to allow for the physical damage to heal.

As long as the physical pain is there, it will always be a constant reminder of what was done to the child.

In many cases, the healing process just takes time, but in other cases, actual medical attention may be required, in which case it is imperative that this is taken care of as soon as possible.

Once the physical pain has subsided, the next and ultimately final step will be getting the child to “forget” about the physical abuse.

And the reason forget is in quotations is because the reality is that physical abuse will almost never be completely forgotten.

What we really mean is that the child needs to move on to a point where the physical abuse no longer controls their life.

They should be able to live freely and make new and invigorating relationships, not only with friends, but with the good family members in their lives.

The best way to do all of this is to simply give the child a life worth living.

Treat them to new experiences and exciting adventures, to show them just how wonderful this world can be.

By giving the child as fulfilling a life as possible, you are proving to them that despite what may have happened to them in the past, it is precisely that: the past.

No matter what may have happened to them previously, they have everything to live for right now and they can and should embrace it to the best of their ability.

This final step will set them on a path to living out their life to the fullest, even when you are long gone.

And when it is all said and done, the child will be able to say that the physical abuse from their past is far off in the rearview mirror.